Rust Prevention Process

To provide protection for your vehicle we use a specially formulated petroleum based oil that is Eco-friendly and completely non-toxic. It is designed to creep over time and migrate into hard to see and reach areas such as body seams and attachment points.

The process is as follows:

  • Customer has the undercarriage of the vehicle washed. It is preferred to be dry, however our oil will displace any moisture on the vehicle.
  • Upon our arrival the vehicle’s hood, battery terminals, hood latch, and hinges are treated.
  • The fenders are treated while the hood is open through the access holes in the engine compartment.
  • We then move onto the door using drain holes at the bottom and fogging the inside of the door, treating the rubber weather stripping with silicone spray, and treating the hinges.
  • The tailgate or trunk is treated through any access holes along with the latch and hinge.
  • The vehicle is raised on ramps and stands to allow access to the undercarriage.
  • The entire undercarriage is then treated avoiding O2 sensors and exhaust. At this time the inside of the rocker panels are treated through the factory drain plugs and quarter panels of trucks are treated up and under the wheel wells.
  • Customer is encouraged to inspect and ask questions.
  • Vehicle is lowered off stands and ramps.

Upon finishing our rust prevention procedure the customer can immediately use the vehicle. There is no need to wait for the product to dry.

NHOU undercoating before and after

Consumer vehicle undercoating

As consumers are keeping their cars longer, adding yearly undercoating as allows consumers to ask a higher price at point of trade in or resale. Our oil undercoating will help to preserve the overall appearance and structural integrity of the vehicle and preserve the value of the car. Once applied it will penetrate to the good metal, pushing out existing moisture and oxygen, thus eliminating oxidation-corrosion.

Today’s cars have many folds and spot welds used in their construction. This can damage the pre-treated metal to allow for an incursion of corrosion. Our oil will penetrate to the base material to provide protection.

Both new and used cars can benefit from an annual treatment.

  • Clear Oil Undercoating preserves the new look to new cars or cars that have no corrosion while forming a protective barrier between the vehicle and the elements.
  • Back N Black Oil Undercoating restores surface appearance to used cars that have unsightly surface rust while penetrating through rust to the base metal displacing moisture and removing oxygen.

Protection for public service vehicles

Municipality and transportation department vehicles are subject to some of the most corrosive environments.

  • Electrical connections – Oil Undercoating applied to clean terminals add a level of protection against corrosion that causes malfunctions.
  • Snow Plows – Oil Undercoating applied to the surface of the blade prevents corrosion and prevents snow build up. When applied to mounting hardware easier removal will occur due to the oil penetrating bolt threads.
  • Salt Spreaders – These are exposed to highly corrosive conditions. Even when not in use and sitting roadway treatment chemicals can eat away at equipment.

Undercoating for commercial fleets

Fleet vehicles are in the public eye virtually every day. When on the road, they are a direct representation of your company’s image.

Higher resale value at auction time. Longer term rust prevention for fleet vehicles of all sizes. Our protection system will extend the life of your fleet, improve your corporate image and deliver a higher resale value at auction time. Because fleet vehicles are constantly exposed to salt, rain and moisture, they need added corrosion protection.

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